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  • I got tired of trying to find the best slim fitting sweatshirt so I decided to just make one myself. It's just as easy to do as tailoring anything else, and the steps are almost identical.
    You can do it one of two ways, you can measure your hoodie and then put pins in the side where you want to give it a slimmer fit. The downside to this is you will most likely poke yourself with those pins. Instead you can use a template that you've made of your measurements. I made one for a t shirt, and used that as a baseline for how much I wanted to take off. After that it's time to sew! When we finished, I noticed that the sleeves were still too baggy, so I went back and gave them a more tapered look which fit the overall look of the hoodie MUCH BETTER! Now you never have to worry about finding what company makes the best hoodies because you can just make one yourself in 20 minutes!

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