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Don't do this in BALI, INDONESIA

  • Check below to see more explained details. Traveling to Bali ? Here are some tips about What not to do in Bali, There are 9 things not to do in Bali, to avoid ruining your stay. Some related to death and this is serious matter while traveling to Bali Indonesia.
    This Bali Travel Guide on what not todo serves as a guide for especially first timer visiting Bali. This Bali guide on what not to do also suggests Bali rules, law in Bali. It includes our top 9 things not to do based on our travel to Bali during September - November month period.
    We love Bali for more than just being an affordable travel destination in Southeast Asia, which is perfect for us as budget traveling couple. There is also so much rich culture to experience and good vibe here in Bali, Indonesia
    We hope you enjoy Bali, Indonesia as much as we did. We had a blast for our 2 months stay in Ubud, Canggu and hopping all around in Bali. Gili T and Nusa Lembongan is amazing, we highly recommend you to visit while staying in Bali, Indonesia. Make sure you download the Bali Checklist !
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