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  • This was a vhs cassette that I found recently. Made by the late John Bone, who died in a car crash on the big island in 2000. John was the videographer for Hawaiian Cruises. Back in the late 80's before cell phone cameras a video outfit cost a bunch, and he had an underwater set up and came on the cruise, would charge couples $40 for a 20 minute video of the cruise. Watching this cracks me up; it has two of the boats I used to drive, the Hawaiian Princess, which got renamed the Captain Cook 8 when it took over the Kealakekua Bay snorkel trip, and the Captain Cook 6, a smaller fiberglass vessel that was like driving a sports car compared to the princess. The Princess, incidentally, came from California, where she was the Monterey Princess for years. She originally had 4 engines, they took out two and left the other two, and was a bitch to drive. This gives you an idea of what a typical cruise was, but we didn't catch a fish that day lol. This must be around 1991.

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