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DigiPro® Robotic Vacuum - Side Brush Maintenance

  • The DigiPro® Robotic Vacuum’s powerful suction, unique brush roll, edge-cleaning brushes pick up dust, dirt, and hair so you don’t have to.
    The DigiPro® Robotic Vacuum gives you automatic, effective cleaning whenever you want, all over your home. Its powerful suction gathers debris, dust, and hair so you don’t have to. The wireless vacuum’s navigation system provides excellent coverage along edges, corners, even under furniture and other hard-to-reach pleases. The robot automatically returns to the self-charging docking station when the Lithium Ion battery is low.
    - Automatically cleans your hard floors
    - Li-Ion Battery - up to 80 minutes of run time*
    - Triple Action cleaning system - easily picks up pet hair, dirt and other debris
    - Auto-charge docking base - always charged and ready to clean
    - Opticlean sensors - robot transitions to spot cleaning mode when heavy amount of dirt is detected
    - Programmable docking station for scheduling
    - 1-year limited warranty
    *on hard floors
    Model: 2142

    Category : Hi-Tech