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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Part 2 - KiCt27's Horrific Half Hour of Horror

2016-12-28 3 Dailymotion

No one will be able to survive the Horrific Half Hour of Horror not even YOU! Will Bryan & Alex be able to survive the horrors of being Harry, a guy who is looking for his Daughter in Silent Hill! We continue were we left off last time searching for our daughter when we get transported to the world of Silent Hill! We must get around the debris to go in the direction of our home when we go through a door we are in a hallway, and we notice that we are being followed and hunted by creatures of Silent Hill?! They are too strong for us to fight so we must run like a coward to live another day vaulting over walls, knocking over objects and the like so they dont get us! After that we find our home when we cut away to the therapist who asks us some more questions and wants us to color a page in a coloring book lol. We then cut backt Harry who goes to his house to find that other people are living there?! Can we traverse the Silent Hill world and parkour our way to safety away from the monsters? We must be able to so we can get to our house in Silent Hill to find our Daughter! Who are these people living in our house ?! Not only that we have to deal with Wii Controls, Puzzles,Stamina Depletion, and did i mention Bryan sucks at all of these oh this is going to be good! Will they be able to survive all this horror without getting a heart attack? Find out all this and more on this weeks scary games for the month of December. Check out Part 2 of the seventh episode of Season 4 KiCt27's Horrific Half Hour of Horror! Happy Decemberween MWHAHAHAHA!

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