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{CSGO} Silent Hill and Silent Purple - Slow Suicide (DocuTäge)

2017-03-13 2 Dailymotion

☢Warning - Graphic and Vile Language and Psychological Nudity☢

Year: 2017 - 365 Days of Uploads #72

We should never have queue'd up for this match, being 7am and sat waiting for 6-8 minutes. 10 seconds in Krawger already muted our 'purple' friend who after a few of my own altercations finally made peace. I gave him my red rocket which put a great big smile on his face. Knives 37-40 on my Stat Gut Knife. These games are slow and painful for all involved. A 16-14 comeback that should never have been...GG Broseph!

Every Ranked game has it's own unique story - MLG and Cardboard Elite plays, Love-Hate relationships are born, friends deleted from the ever dwindling list...the point is I love to tell stories. I try to encapsulate all the emotion put in and taken out of the match whether a win, loss or tie. You will see my best and my worst and my worst's worst so come join us for a good laugh at these fail/win compilation POV CS:GO Ranked Documentaries!

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'ISOLATED' Dark Trippy Type Hard Trap Beat Rap Instrumental | Retnik Beats
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