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ゆるキャン△空撮と地上にて甲斐常葉駅~本栖高校聖地巡礼 Lucky △ Aerial shooting and on the ground Kai Chiba Station - Honjo High School pilgrimage to the Holy Land

2019-02-20 4 Dailymotion

知人のご紹介によりゆるキャン聖地巡礼の拠点 常幸院に立ち寄ります。
I will take an aerial photograph from Honzu High School (in the lower middle) using a drone.
On the ground verify the sacred pilgrimage scene from Kai Chomei station to Moto High school.
Depending on our acquaintance, we will drop in at Yoyokuin based on the site of Yurukan sacred pilgrimage.
【18 getting off on the ticket】